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Hey guys,
what's up? Hm... with me? It still feels soooo weird! Wow, I never thought you can feel all these feelings... AT ONCE! Sometimes I would not cry at all, because I don't feel like saying "Good Bye", another time I am crying like sonstewas... wow, I seriously didn't expect it to be THAT hard, but it is... it is such an emotional conflict.

Okay so... I already took my Geometry exam today... pretty easy, I had time left... tomorrow is my 1st period exam (which is English) and the next day is going to be French + Web Design (did I mention, that we are going to have a group activity in this class for exams?) and the last day Nothing and Physical Science and then it's over...

Today my 5th period class made me a surprise party! It was so much fun! We had cupcakes and Oreos and Caprisun and everything! And they made us T-shirts with our names and then they signed it! It was amazing... I'm going to upload pictures soon... probably when I come back!


I am really thankful, that you did that for ME, i am really glad to see you again, BUT I AM still here and you know how I am with farewells... I love you so much Mama! And nothing will ever change this, no matter where I am, you will always be my Mama.



Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, Opa W.! Ich hoffe du hast Spass an deinem Geburtstag.

Hey guys,
guess what... I am finally turning 16 in two days... great news, huh?
Now it is June 1st and I can't believe that I have to leave so soon... it'll be over sooo soon... and I feel so weird! Totally different from the feelings I had when I left Germany... much more intense! My brain is producing a chaos in my head!! I feel happy, sad, alone and my mood would swing from like really happy to sad and aaaaaaaaaaah... everybody reminded me today that I'm gonna leave so soon and how much they're going to miss me... wuah! It's so hard to explain... I feel like a bomb that could explode any moment! I just can't believe what I have to give up. I want to stay, of course I want to see you g(erman)uys again, but oh my... it's so hard to explain... is there anybody there, that understands what I'm talking about?? I can't even really sleep at night... aaaaaaaaaaargh! It's so hard!
But besides that, I'm amazingly good! Today will be my last Lacrosse meeting, just like a after-season dinner kinda thing. We'll return our uniform and stuff. The last time I will see the whole (not even the whole team, because some are just not coming :( ) team again... I'm gonna cry so hard! And tomorrow the Seniors get out of school... everybody is happy to get out of school... except me... am I sick? And then my contact broke IN school today... now I don't have ANYMORE because I used them daily...
It actually feels better if you try to put your feelings in words! But still... no no no no no!! Aaaah... why? Sorry at all my readers, that is a blog, an online journal so either you read through all the weird stuff I write or you just stare at a bunch of letters :)
Oh by the way I passed all 5 OGT's with an accelerated score... that means I get 10 extra % on every of my exams and I don't even take a Nutrition and Wellness exam, because we took an online "pre-exam" and everybody who got more thatn 75 % (which was everyone) don't have to take the test.
On June 4th (yes one day AFTER my birthday) I have to take my US History exam... that's gonna be my toughest exam... I got done with my 280 FIB w/out a wordbank review packet and then I gotta study them all and 3 possible essays!
Phys. Science will involve a lot of studying too... I think I'll do fine on the others!
I can't believe it, I can't believe it!!! Ten months, already over? Where did my time go? Even when I come back it won't ever be the same!
I should have kept a journal for the whole year... i can't believe I didn't.
Well I'm gonna get back to my studying!

I love you, everybody!


~~Time for another english post

Sorry guys, but this post will be in english, it's 9:29 PM i'm too lazy to think in German, which is terrible... So I gotta talk about some stuff that's going on here, huh? Yea, I know I should write in here more often... I forgot ;)
Okay so how is everything going?

1. Lacrosse
2. Prom + Afterprom
3. Florida
4. Others

1. Okay, so Lacrosse is going great. We had a game yesterday, against Saint Ursula... we lost 7:10, but it was fun anyways. Tomorrow we are playing Mason, that's gonna be so much fun! I heard the last time they played that team there were 2 people in the hospital and 5 injuries... so they didn't get to play them last year.

2. On Saturday I'm gonna go to prom... i'm so excited! Oh my gosh! I bought my dress and it's gorgeous and NO i don't have any pictures and YES i'm sorry, that i don't even write "understandable" english. Okay so my dress -- wow that will suprise you mom, since you haven't had some very desperate shopping tours with me - the first dress I tried on, was the one I bought at the end... it's so gorgeous! It's green (and it matches my eyes)... wasn't that expensive though ;) Prom is from 8pm-12pm I think... and then afterprom until 5;30 or something... there's supposed to be a chocolate fountain, pizza (i was gonna write pizza fountain, oops ;D), subs, hypnotizers, human bowling (How is that supposed to work? and moon bounces and stuff like that. I'm gonna be so tired for church the next day (i have to get up at 8) but i don't want it to sound that i don't want to go to church, i really do want to go ;D And then I'm leaving for

#3 Florida ;)
I'm so eXcited for that too ;) I think i'm just gonna sleep the whole drive... since i can't really do anything besides sleeping and listening to music (and eat haha...)okay and talking but how with 2 hours or so of sleep?? It's gonna be awesome anyways... I hope the weather will be all right so we can go to the beach ;)

4. Others
-I want to have an Ipod touch, these things are amazing... i always play with my friend's one ;) and i want to buy my lacrosse uniform (omg, it's expensive $125)...
-I have to make a family feast project for nutrition & wellness... any ideas what i can do? gluten free please ;)
-Please email me when you go on vacation in the summer, so i can plan my summer too... don't do anything on JULY 4th... you WILL be busy! Don't leave or anything ;)
-I love chocolate chip cookies, and i don't know how to survive without chocolate chips...
- Familie und Freunde - nur weil ich mich hier so wohlfuehle heisst nicht dass ich euch nicht vermisse oder mich nicht freue euch wieder zu sehen... Danke fuer euer Verstaendnis ;) I love you...

Lesson for German-non-english speaking people:
gonna do s.th. - to going to do something - etw. tun werden
gotta - got to
i'm - I am
're - are

Lesson for non-german-not-german-speaking-people:
Ich - I
du - you
er - he
sie - she
es - it
wir - we
ihr - you
sie - they
Pardon me if i wrote something wrong it's been almost 7 months since i last talked "real" german... to an american-non-speaking stewardeur ;)
... i'm just kidding ;) just get it translated by google it'll be awful but better than nothing, duh!

I'll see ya around!
Eure Julia


Deutscher Eintrag ~~ ;D

Hallo aus Ohio!
So damit meine Familie, Verwandten und Freunde auch mal verstehen was ich hier drueben so erlebe, schreibe ich mal wieder in Deutsch... ganz schoen komisch. Ich entschuldige mich lieber jetzt schon mal fuer die Grammtik- und Buchstabierfehler, die ich werden mache...
Okay, ich habe ja laaaaaaaaaaaange nicht mehr hier rein geschrieben, tut mir wirklich leid. Koennt ihr mir verzeihen... Das wichtigste, was ihr wissen muesst:
Mir geht es blendend und wenn euch jemand fragt wie es denn deiner Tochter/Nichte/Enkeltochter/Freundin...(mir) in den USA so geht: SUPER!
Hm... okay... hier ist so viel passiert die letzten Wochen, dass ich bestimmt ueber die Haelfte vergessen werde...
Ja, letzte Woche (die Woche bevor dem heutigem Tag [Sonntag]) hatte ich ja OGT Woche (Ohio Graduation Test). Jeder Schueler in Ohio muss den OGT meistern bevor du hier den Abschluss (graduation) machen kannst. Ich habe ein gutes Gefuehl in allen 5 Kategorien (Mathe, Englisch schreiben + lesen, Naturwissenschaften, Social Studies (Politik, Geschichte,...).
Naechsten Donnerstag habe ich mein erstes Lacrossespiel... ich hoffe ich kann bis dahin uneingeschraenkt laufen... mein Knoechel ist geschwollen und ich bin eine ganze Woche lang nicht gerannt, das hat natuerlich auch Spuren hinterlassen (wow, in Deutsch muss ich die SHIFTtaste viel oefters druecken ;D)
Dass heisst... ich bin (fast) verrueckt geworden... okay ich bin verrueckt geworden, aber das ist ja fuer viele sowieso nichts neues, ne?
Das wars auch schon... sorry... (und ich habe mehr als die Haelfte vergessen, deutlich mehr... ich habe euch vielleicht grademal wenn es so hoch kommt 1/10000 von dem erzaehlt was ich hier erlebe... wenn ich zurueck komme werde ich dafuer umso mehr erzaehlen ;D
Mama, Papa -- ihr seid die besten Eltern der Welt, ich liebe euch!
Sabrina - du bist die beste Schwester auf der Welt! Auch wenn wir uns manchmal streiten
Obwohl du hier Konkurrenz von Breighton und Emily kriegst... aber die beiden sind meine aaaaaaaaaaaalllerliebsten GASTgeschwister, so wie Kevin und Jenn meine allerliebsten Gasteltern sind... okay auch irgendwie meine einzigen, aber trotzdem.

Ich liebe euch alle
eure abenteuerlustige JULIA

PS: Das weibliche Basketball Team von meiner Schule (Lakota West HS) ist zu den Final 4 - State Level gekommen... haben aber nur knapp verloren... trotzdem sehr gut!!


everything... ☺☻☺☻ ♥

yes I know I forgot the questions for like 3 months or something... sorry about that!
So what was this week?
Monday - 1 hour delay
Tuesday - Friday - no school - because of the snow (a LOT of snow!)
I do have pictures, and I'll try to find my card drive, I'm really trying, but I have no clue where it can be... I looked almost everywhere ;|
The finals were pretty good... I got a 102% in Geometry, 86% in US History (90% for the semester grade) and I don't know the others yet.
I can't really tell you how Nutrition & Wellness is, because I only had it once for 32 minutes. It seems like a lot of fun, Emily said it's like study hall, just you cook, bake and eat ^_^ sounds good to me.
Today I had Lacrosse practice at 9 am. Kinda early, but it was so much fun ☻We took our picture... oh my gosh! Today of all days, I wasn't prepared for that... but it's not online yet.
And then I went sledding... it was so much fun, I bumped in a tree, and then Gillian came and got me in my back... don't panic, I'm fine, my hand just hurts a little! It was so much fun, I also have pictures of that... but like I said, G-E-D-U-L-D ;)

Okay I'm gonna answer the questions now:

1. How are you at the moment? Recovering from my sledding trip, but pretty warm and good (:
2. Gefaellt es dir? Was gefaellt dir/Was nicht?
It's so awesome! I learn so much and yes, it is so much fun!
I don't like Rootbeer... I do like snow (not too much, not too less), my family, school, friends, church, Lacrosse, shopping...
3. Heimweh? Nope
4. Was/wen vermisst du? Nelipeli ♥
5. Besuchte Restaurants/Shopping malls/stores:
Restaurants: Benihana (*), Kentucky Fried Chicken
Others: SmoothieKing, United Dairy Farmers
6. Wie stehts mit deinem Geld? super, I think, I don't know how much I have on my account...
7. Wie geht die Schule voran? Super, neu: Nutrition & Wellness
7a. Tests? Quizzes? Quests? Finals are finally done ;)
7b. How's the class? super
8. Kontakt mit Freunden/Verwandten/Familie: once per month/ email
9. Was wuenscht du dir fuer den naechsten Monat/Was fuer Ziele setzt du dir?
10. Upcoming events? Prom ♥, Super Bowl (a HUGE football game), hopefully the Lakota East - West Basketball game, end of month: Lacrosse tryouts
11. Activities (doing stuff with friends and family,...): sledding,
12. English? German? What's that? Just kidding, jk, jk (:
12a. comprehension: still getting better and better and better
12b. speaking: A lot of my family members and friends know that I don't write in German that much anymore, it's getting better, but
13. "feeling of the month": rollercoaster (Funmonday, Snow, Sick (~>cold), getting better, Awesome ) it stopped on the top ^^
14. "favorite quote of the month": "I love you!" by B. G. Dalley
old 15. Neue Merkwuerdigkeiten ich moechte das Wort Merkwuerdigkeiten mit Cultural Differences ersetzten
new 15. Not every street has street lights, American teacher don't complain if they have tons and tons of stuff to grade for the next day, however, they get it done! American restaurants offer you boxes to take your food home.
16. Was steht heute noch an? dinner
17. Was du unbedingt noch sagen moechtest: I love you!
18. Gruesse: an alle
19. Gaining weight? probably ^^
19a. How much? I dunno, I think I shouldn't know and you either ...
19b. What did you do against it? Lacrosse
20. Was nirgends reinpasst: I don't want to leave!! I have to on June 16th, back in Germany by June 17th.
21. Song of the month: Lovestory, Soulmate, Closer

* Benihana:
Is awesome!

Yesterday I got invited from Fyona, French exchange student (from Paris!) to her birthday party and it was awesome! We had Japanese food, unfortunetly I ate Pizza before, but I could take it home. I never ate Japanese before, it was so much fun! But I had to leave at 10 pm, because I had Lacrosse practice this morning. We had a good time!
And in the restaurant, there was a waiting area, first I thought, that is the eating area but it wasn't. Then 5 minutes later we got in, because it was Fyona's birthday, she got a pretty funny balloon hat and free ice cream (dessert). And then the show began!
They cooked our meals right in front of us! AWESOME! Okay, let me see if I can remember all parts of the meal...
1. soup
2. rice
3. shrimps
4. Zucchini
5. onions
MAIN DISH (I ordered fried noodles)
Dessert (ice)
Green Tea
I just ate a little bit, but now I have a lot to eat at home.
I took pictures (on Fyona's camera^^)... it tastes different, I think I would like it more, if I eat it another time! But it's healthy and low calorie so... ;)

Good bye! I'm gonna play with my sisters ♥
See you around... not really, let's pretend ☻
Yours, Julia